Christmas Day Outfit

Christmas day is nearly around the corner, I cant believe how it has flown in! On today’s post I have put together boards on two different Christmas day looks. A casual and comfy one and a dressy one, I personally prefer to be a little more comfortable on Christmas Day so that I can eat and chill Β and then eat and chill some more Β πŸ˜‰

All the links are below!



  1. Dungarees, 2.Β Coat,Β 3.Runners, 4.Bag

untitled-21Β .DressΒ , 2.ShoesΒ , 3.Bag


Doctor Mahers-Natural Body Care

I am a big fan of natural skin care, so I was excited when I was recently given some samples of an Irish skincare brand called Dr. Mahers. I have been using their 7 berry facial serum. This serum is designed and formulated to Β provide essential nutrients to your skin. It contains 72% essential fatty acids, natural lipids and omegas, Vitamin A, retinoids and Docotor Mahers Phelaoin which is a trademarked complex of beneficial botanical and marine algal extracts. This is jam packed full of goodness for your skin. Essential fatty acids reduce the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation. I have skin prone to breakouts, but this oil is still suitable for my skintype. Since using it, I feel the overall appearance of my skin has improved and my makeup applies great in the morning after applying it at night. I was applying it to my skin in the morning but I reduced it to just the evening time as my skin can be a little oily. Doctor Mahers use no fragrances or alcohol in their products, are safe to use during pregnancy, are not tested on animals and are handcrafted in Ireland. They use the highest quality, safe, natural botanical and seaweed extracts found in the Irish Atlantic Coastline on the Western edge of Europe. What else would you want from a skincare range? Im excited to try more of their products in the future!


You can visit their website Β here

Doctor Mahers are available to buy in Dun Laoghaire Pharmacy where you can also buy online here

True Blue- blue interiors


Whilst scrolling through Pinterest a while ago I came across a beautiful blue interiors image. It was a shelf painted entirely in blue placed on a blue wall accessorized with blue delph, the image is below. I thought it was so striking and decided to look up a few more blue interior photos. Whether it is a blue wall, blue furniture, or blue soft furnishings from a throw to a cushion, adding a pop of blue can add such a striking effect to any room. You dont have to stick to the one shade why not add a few different shades, in one of the pictures below there is a shelf built into the wall that has been painted two different shades. I realise I have said the word BLUE so many times already, haha! I have shared some imagery below of blue interiors and I also put together a product board of some blue accessories, hope you enjoy!

Also while writing this post I could not help but sing Eiffel 65 song Im Blue,

Yo listen up here’s a story
About a little guy that lives in a blue world
And all day and all night and everything he sees Is just blue
Like him inside and outside
Blue his house with a blue little window
And a blue Corvette………

Anyway moving along!



  1. Throw- Homelust
  2. Ceramic Resin box- Zara
  3. Flower print cushion- Cath Kidston
  4. Gold metal and blue glass vase-Zara
  5. Leaf Print duvet-H&M
  6. Paisley Throw-Zara

The perfect Shelfie


I love a good shelfie! Never mind a selfie with pouts, brows ‘on fleek’ and contouring. I get excited when I see a beautiful styled shelf. I can organise and rearrange my things every few days. I love to move around my trinkets and belongings to look appealing and attractive. (Much to some people’s annoyance!) I shared a few pictures above of some shelve styling I found on Pinterest. Each style is a little different but I love something in each.

  1. This look gives me a beachy/new england Interior feel about it. I think it is the white, green plants and the natural materials like the wicker baskets. Baskets are great to use on shelves, you can use them as storage and they look stylish.
  2. I love this look. The globes being the main focus of the shelf. A little bottle holding a plant or flower cut off adds such a nice pretty element. The books placed into little stacks along the shelf, I love!
  3. I love this shelf, with the book pages faced outwards as opposed to the spine.The elements of brass and white ceramic trinkets creates an interesting contrast!
  4. I think this my favourite shelf, I like that is does not look as polished as the others. Trinkets and plants ontop of a pile of books, the little prints and frames and the plants and cacti in wooden, ceramic and wicker pots add an organic, homely feel.


I shared some of my own shelves below, (haha that sounds so weird.)




Ziaja Skincare

When it comes to skincare products I can be a little fussy, more so with skincare products as in cleansers and moisturisers and not really makeup (I use and love highstreet makeup). I tend to lean towards more natural skincare products. I am a big fan of oil cleansers and using oils as moisturisers etc.

So today I am talking about Ziaja skincare, I have been using some Ziaja products now for a few years and I really love them. They are a Polish based skincare company, their emphasis is on natural ingredients for face, skin and Β hair. They state that they ‘combine traditional components such as herbal extracts and vitamins with modern technologies’ in their products. Their products range from Mens skincare, to natural deodorants, shampoos, massage oils and baby and kids care. Check out their website for their wide range of productsΒ here. Also their prices are so reasonable and definitely won’t break the bank.


I recently picked up a few products in Dun Laoghaire Pharmacy which stocks Ziaja. I picked up their

Olive Leaf Cleansing Oil for dry, sensitive skinΒ – As I said above I am big fan of oils and I really love this product. It is a body and face cleansing oil with olive leaf extract for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin. This can be used as a face cleanser (I use this as my first oil cleanser and double cleanse with a cleanser after) You can also use this in the shower or bath. I found this really gentle on my skin. No stinging or tightness. Also their is very little fragrance which is great again for sensitive skin.

Ziaja Face Masks-Β For less thanΒ 2 euro these are such handy little face masks. I picked up the one for Sensitive skin and the Olive leaf one with hyaluronic acid. The Sensitive one have 0% silicones, mineral oils and perfume. You can use these 1-2 time a week and the handy little packs are great for an application. Ideal for holidays and travelling.

Eye Makeup remover- I have to say this makeup remover is one of the best I have used and I have used a few such as Vichy and Lancome and I actually think this is on par if not better. It is oil based so it’s perfect for waterproof mascara, its also suitable for contact lense wearers and its Opthamologist tested. What more could you want!

I picked up all these Ziaja products in Dun Laoghaire Pharmacy, which stocks a wide range of natural skin care products! Their website is here



DIY Lettered Plant Pot

Hello, hey! Apologies I have not posted in a month or so, I have been a busy bee and unfortunately my blog sometimes gets put on the backburner. But fear not it is still here lurking in the background waiting patiently to be nudged back into life (Sorry blog)!! For today’s post it’s a little easy peasy DIY one. In a previous post I did a little wishlist on some of my favourite homewares from H&M online, one of the items was a plant pot with the words ‘Grow Up’ on them. The post is here. So I decided to totally copy this pot and make my own. I bought a cream plant pot in Ikea and used a sharpie to handwrite the words onto it. It now holds my juicy aloe vera plant. This is such a simple idea and you could write anything you want on your own plant pot!

I shared some pics below πŸ™‚




DessieMay Designs

I just wanted to share with your guys my handlettered prints that I am currently designing and also selling on my Etsy page. My new venture is called Dessie May Designs. I have always loved sayings and after doing a calligraphy course a few months back I have really gotten into handlettering and I am thoroughly enjoying designing and playing around with it. I shared a few of my prints below. I also did a series of 3 prints for a bedroom that consist of the sayings, ‘no rest for the wicked’, ‘off to my leaba’ (leaba is irish for ‘bed’) and ‘forty winks’ I put these above my bed and I just love the effect 3 frames can make above a bed. It makes our room look so much bigger!

If you want to check out my prints here Β on Etsy

Also my instagram is dessiemaydesigns